Hi, I am Sanne! Mid 2019 I started a new chapter. I left my dorm and moved together with my boyfriend into a new apartment. I always had a passion for decorating and went all out in my first own apartment. I received lovely reactions from friends and family who came to visit. They all thought I should do something with it. After much deliberation and after a very long encouragement talk from a friend, I decided to set up the Instagram account @huisjevansanne at the end of 2019. And I was scared!! Because who the hell is going to follow me and  what if I don't got more than 50 followers. But I thought f * ck it, if you don't try you'll never get anywhere. But OMG! I received so many amazing reactions and my followers are still growing rapidly. 

It was especially amazing that I received a lot of comments about my self made products, like posters and cushions. For years I have been making things such as posters for myself and my mother, who is also very creative and has a big passion for interior. People wondered where I ordered that cool poster or that lovely pillow. But I just made these items myself!

As a little girl I always dreamed of having my own business. But after a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Master in Marketing, it seemed more obvious to work for a large corporate organisation, which I did for three years. But the dream stayed and finally after long conversations with family and friends I took the risk and started my own company. That took a f * ck it moment again, but I am so glad I did. HUISJEVANSANNE is now not only available in my own webshop, but also in multiple stores accross the Netherland. And it doesn't stop there, my brand is being sold in more than 10 countries accross the world! Sometimes those f * ck it moments are the moments you need in life ...

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