Op zoek naar een goede lijst? Tips & Tricks om posters op te hangen

Looking for a frame? Tips & Tricks to hang posters

You have seen a amazing poster on huisjevansanne.com, but now the question is how are you going to hang the poster in your house? The first decision you have to make is whether you would like to use a frame or not. I have different tips for both options!

Poster without frame
No frame? That's certainly possible. Posters can be stuck against a door, but also against the wall. I always use the Powerstrips Poster by Tesa, these are double-sided self-adhesive strips especially made for hanging posters. If your poster hangs firmly on the wall, you can place washi tape at the corners for an extra playful effect. 

Poster with frame
I always get a lot of questions about my frames. My favorite onces are from IKEA. IKEA has good frames for a small budget. My favorite is the RIBBA series. These frames are available in many different sizes and the HUISJEVANSANNE posters fit perfectly into these. If you want an even cheaper option, you can also go for the FISKBO series

Many people hang their frames on the wall. But I prefer to have a poster in a large size, for example 61x91cm, and put them on the floor against a wall. This gives a very cool look. 

If you want to hang your poster on the wall I recommend the Powerstrips Large from Tesa. Yes I am a fan of Tesa! No hassle with drilling and no holes in your wall. What more could you ask for. Especially if you want to make a frame wall, it is much easier with these powerstrips. 

If you already have a frame but it deviates from the sizes on my website, please send a message via the custom request form. Each poster can be custom made.

If you have any good tips and tricks yourself, let us know in the comments! 

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